How does Photolancers work?

Companies organisms and entrepreneurs need photos to promote their products and services, for advertising campaigns, web pages, lookbooks, e-commerce and a a myriad other applications. Photos are an elemental component in almost any communication action.

It often becomes difficult for clients to promptly find adequate professionals, specially when the budget is limited, or when the client does not understand the complexity of organising a photo production.

Photolancers is the marketplace specialised in professional photography production that puts the client's project in front of hundreds of curated photographers and production teams, where the client receives custom quotations, can contact with the contestants at any time and has access to their portfolios to finally choose the proposal that better fits their budget, needs and creative idea.

The client publishes its project

The projects include detailed information about the work to do, the required images and authorship right release and, optionally, a rough available budget estimation.

The photographers and production teams request access to the project

To be able to send a quotation, photographers must first request access to the project. After reviewing their portfolios, the client pre-approves the professionals that better fit their needs.

Photographers send their quotations

Both the client and the photographer can contact each other at any point in time to meet and solve doubts. The client receives the quotations in PDF format, and they are kept organised on the web along with all the information about each professional and their portfolios.

The client chooses a quotation

The client and the choosen photographer get in touch and start to work. We don't apply any commission to the projects.
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